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Welcome to Ancestry Research Services!

We offer an affordable way for you to find our more about your ancestors, using expertise we have developed over more than 20 years of researching family history. We are a family, based in Northern Ireland but covering the British Isles, and we can find your ancestors from anywhere in the British Isles and put together a family tree, especially for you.

We are increasingly finding that people first engage with us to research their family tree, which often leads to them finding that they have ancestors from Ireland and so their curiosity is roused – they want to come and see for themselves where their ancestors lived and worked and, if we are lucky, we may find a living relative who is happy to meet with them.  We haven’t had a single situation where this has not been a happy and fruitful meeting and it is wonderful to be able to link families again, despite the many miles which may separate them.

Bangor, Co Down